[SV2] Update v1.39

February 22, 2021

BotFactory Inc., JF Brandon


  • Tell the user that their tip may need to be changed if the pressure is over 2000 
  • Explicitly tell users their board must be flat for extrusion to work properly 
  • Faster loading of alignment page 
  • Display % of paste remaining in syringe on the left side 
  • Show the pressure inside syringe during build and settings on the left side. This allows a quick diagnostic on the tip 
  • Z-Height auto-alignment is not more consistent 
  • Guidelines included interface for the line test
  • Improved instructions on the settings page explaining the effect of each setting 
  • Fixed some contours seemed to be printed twice


  • Utilities available for the Printing Process in the main screen 
  • Replaced "pitch" with "clearance" in all reference material and software
  • Fixed some gaps caused by nozzles never firing.


  • The printer will stop all motion when the Lid is open. (If the enclosure is installed) 
  • The LED ring will become red when temperature is above 55C