[SV2] Update v2.1.0

- 2022 Nov 2

BotFactory Inc., Afnan Islam
  •  New workflow for faster project setup
  • New interface for running projects in a non-linear manner
  • Zip archive uploading is supported
  • Multifile upload is supported
  • Added sample circuit to get users up and running quickly


  •         Added flushing option for higher quality inkjet prints
  •         Added several guides to assist with parameter selection
  •         3D previews of all print layers
  •         Each layer is confugrable


  •         New footprint editor for faster footprint sizing
  •         Multiple PNP file parsers for automatic parsing of files
  •         Generic PNP file parser and configurator for all other pnp files
  •         Clearer interface to know which parts have been place and which haven't


  • Any pad (or group of pads) can be run at any time
  • Interface keeps track of it for you and allows for easy selection


  • Easily customize the final curing profile for different solder pastes and glues