100 Second Build - Assemble a Panelized PCB

Building in Batches is Easy with an SV2

BotFactory Inc., JF Brandon

There's been a significant amount of interest from customers about making more than one board, or assembling boards in bulk. It's a solid idea - if you make something cool once, why not make it again. And again. And again!

Creating batch prints and assembly runs is very easy with a BotFactory SV2. The video below runs thru the process very quickly, but the general idea is that creating panelized boards will depend heavily on your CAD tool, and that SV2 will treat your uploads as if they are a single file. In our case, KiCAD 6 allowed us to copy and paste a single design, carrying over the necessary pads and parts when exported to the SV2. 

Keep in mind that you can use SV2 to paste and assemble pre-fabbed boards. But I think it's going to take OSHPark and PCBWay two to three weeks to make any quantity of boards. So I printed a run in about 45 minutes and pasted/assembled the final design over an hour.  Avoid quick turn PCB vendors and get your board made with our Botfactory PCB Assembly solution!

If you'd like our designs for printing and assembly, contact us by email and we'll send them along!


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