BotFactory Launches New Webinar Series

Learn tips, tricks and applications with Squink

BotFactory Inc., JF Brandon

If you're interested in figuring out how Squink can help you accelerate your prototyping process, help educate your students and expand your overall inventiveness, check out our new webinar series below! We're going to be doing more of these on a regular basis, live streaming via our Youtube channel to around the World.

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Learn how Squink works

Interested in seeing the whole process from end to end? Watch how we take a Gerber file and upload into our system and print, paste and place traces and components to create a circuit board. 

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Print a Power Supply

When time is on the line, prototyping quickly is vital. In this webinar we talk about how Squink can be used to create ultra-rapid boards to increase iteration and design cycles. In the end we saved hundreds of dollars by creating our a power supply for one of our own projects.

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New Accessories - Plate, Cut and Solder

BotFactory is pleased to announce two new product for sale! As accessories to your PCB Printer, it will now be possible to create PCBs with plated through-holes that you can use with through-hole components and solder to! 

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