BotFactory Raises $1.3M to Accelerate Growth

NY Angels Leads Round, Larry Richenstein joins Board

BotFactory Inc., JF Brandon

Well it's been a long journey so far but it's not over yet. BotFactory is very pleased to announce our latest investment round to bring the PCB Factory to Engineer's desktops around the World!

This Seed Round closes on the second anniversary of BotFactory’s successful $100,000 Kickstarter campaign, and a little more than a year since BotFactory began shipping out their Squink PCB Printer. In October 2015, BotFactory released their ‘Advanced Ink’, which allows users to print traces on Kapton and FR4, as well as many novel materials like ceramics and metals. Six months later, BotFactory released ‘Insulating Ink’, that enables users to create Multilayer PCBs at their desktop. Each release has been coupled with regular software updates that have improved printing, solder dispensing and pick-and-place functionality.

We'll be updating everyone with the latest news on BotFactory right here, and you're going to be really excited with what we have in store for you. We just like to part with some deep thanks to our Kickstarter backers for taking the plunge first and everyone else who have been rooting for us from the very beginnings. 


-BotFactory Team