Check your Design Before you Print

BotFactory introduces new software feature that checks Gerbers for 'Printability'

BotFactory Inc., JF Brandon

Sometimes prototyping is a leap into the dark - but no longer! BotFactory is pleased to announce that v1.0.39 will include a Design Rules Check for every Gerber uploaded. This gives the EE the ability to resolve problems in their design before a print begins and gives them warnings where there might be problems. 

Broadly speaking, SV2 divides issues into two categories - errors and warnings. Errors are geometric shapes or spaces that violate the capabilities for whatever SV2 the user has (Starter, Enhanced or Professional). Warnings are merely warnings to the user that the geometry of their design might not be exactly as they intended. For example, ink can spread as it is printed (technically called 'ink migration') and SV2 adapts each print to mitigate this effect. But where geometry really matters, a warning ought to be heeded by shrinking or expanding the design slightly. 

If you haven't updated your SV2 to the latest version, do so now to take advantage of this new feature by going to 'Admin' on your machine and clicking on 'update'.