It always starts with a problem...

BotFactory Inc., Carlos Ospina

Hey guys, my name is Nicolas Vansnick, and I am a cofounder of BotFactory. I'd like to tell you a quick word about how we started our journey into the world of electronics design.

During Fall 2013, my co-founder Carlos and I were students at the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering. We were both attending a challenging class on Bio-electronics. The basic concept was simple: you had one semester to design, assemble, and test a basic EEG system (also called a brainwave reader; our version was capable of measuring attention and winking).

While the design of the EEG probes on paper and then on a CAD program took a big part of the semester, what was later revealed as the most critical part was the circuit fabrication itself. Out of the 8 teams, only 1 managed to finish on time for the end of the semester. The reason was simply frustrating: it took PCB manufacturers around 7 to 10 days to fabricate and ship all the boards. If you had made even a single mistake in your design, you had to send your design for fabrication again, and you were sure to miss the deadline.

Test of the probes of our 8 channel EEG system. A 9th probe is used as a reference signal to extract the useful signal..   Selfie when I was wearing the cap equipped with the EEG system. Not very comfortable..  

                                               Carlos testing the EEG probes                         Final look of the 8 channel EEG system

 As we had both worked on similar time sensitive projects beofre, we couldn't believe nothing had been done about it yet. We talked to Michael Knox, professor at NYU-Poly, and found out that he wanted to work on a similar project: a 3D printer capable of printing circuit boards. A Circuit Printer! After hours of brainstorming on the concept, we had found our third co-founder.