Our Experience at RAPID+TCT

Showcasing the SV2 Printer and Discussing Additive Manufacturing in Space

BotFactory Inc., Afnan Islam

We recently had an incredible experience attending RAPID+TCT in Chicago from April 6-8, 2023, one of the most prestigious conferences in the additive manufacturing field. As a leading company in the industry, Botfactory was thrilled to showcase our cutting-edge SV2 printer and discuss the future of additive manufacturing with a diverse range of attendees.

Our state-of-the-art technology captured the interest of numerous leading players across various industries, resulting in engaging conversations and the formation of promising connections. One group that showed significant interest in our offerings included representatives from the defense sector, such as the military and airforce. The potential applications of our technology for defense objectives and the enhancement of advanced electronics led to intriguing discussions and opportunities for future collaborations.

Major corporations in aerospace and defense, as well as research institutes, expressed a keen interest in partnering with us for research and development projects, and in utilizing our SV2 for different applications. These organizations recognized the advantages that additive manufacturing of electronics could bring to their respective fields, particularly in creating lightweight, high-performance PCBs customized to their specific requirements. Additionally, small businesses seeking rapid prototyping were enthusiastic about the potential of our technology. By employing our SV2 printer, they could significantly decrease the time and expense necessary to turn their innovative ideas into reality, providing them with a competitive advantage in their respective markets.

In addition to networking with potential clients and partners, our COO George delivered an insightful presentation on "In-Space Additive Manufacturing of Electronics." This talk delved into the transformative potential of producing electronics in space using additive manufacturing, an innovation that could revolutionize space exploration missions. Our time at RAPID+TCT proved to be invaluable, as we connected with a wide array of stakeholders and gained insights into the evolving needs of the additive manufacturing market. The experience inspired us to continue pushing the boundaries of our technology, making it more accessible and affordable for a diverse range of applications.

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Our talented team members, George Kyriakou and Afnan Islam, were instrumental in showcasing the Botfactory booth at the event. Their enthusiasm and expertise drew in visitors and made a lasting impression. Below is a picture of the dynamic duo, smiling as they proudly represented our company.