About Us

BotFactory is developing desktop 3D printing tools to quickly and efficiently fabricate electronics.

We believe the future is fully automated on-site or local manufacturing centers, making electronics from a variety of different materials, under a variety of operating conditions.

No circuit is impossible
No remote location is off-limits

BotFactory was first conceived by a group of engineers who met in class.  For the final project, 90% of of the class failed to meet the deadline because they were waiting for their PCB boards to be manufactured. With the advances in additive manufacturing technologies, this group endeavored to make their vision of desktop electronics fabrication a reality.


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Carlos Ospina, CEO

MS in Computer Eng. 
MS in Business and Science

Founded 4 companies with over $10 million of sales


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George Kyriakou, COO

PhD. Electrical Engineering

AT&T labs, Lead the NYU Internet Architecture lab

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Andrew Ippoliti, CTO

Firmware Engineering 

IBM Research Lab, High speed systems, Image Processing

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Nico Vansnick, Co-Founder

MS in Robotics Engineering
MS in Electrical Engineering

Built autonomous robots, wireless brain implant & EEG system for NYU

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Michael Knox, CINO

Industry Professor at NYU and renowned expert in analog & microwave circuit design, Patent expert with 30 years experience

Company History

8 Years to Finalize Our MVP and Partner with Industry Leaders


Partnerships and Machine Improvement Milestones

2019 - 2020

Factory of the Future project

BT Energy

Dual print heads and [others]



Sensors and error detection

US Air Force

Automated local manufacturing tool


  • 2 patents awarded (US Patent # 10548231, 10779451; 130+ claims) 
  • 2 patents pending (6-8 months to award)
  • Apparatus claims for machine that prints circuits, epoxy, and PnP
  • Method claims for software producing printed layout data
  • Kit claims for the heads and the machine