Complete Rivet Press Set and 8" Shears

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The perfect accessory for your BotFactory Squink, SV2, and SV2 Pro. Add plated through-holes to your 3D Printed PCBs with the Rivet Press and cut the print out of your sheet of FR4 with the 8" Shears. This set includes 1 mm (40 mil) rivets and matching toolhead which is the ideal size for placing most pin headers and connectors. Custom rivet and tool sizes are available upon request.

Solder to Traces

After applying a PCB Rivet it is possible to use solder wire and an iron to solder directly to Inkjet-printed traces.

Cut PCB Boards to Size

A pair of shears is handy for making precise cuts in mere moments, in addition to producing no hazardous FR-4 dust (unlike mill-cutting)

Place Connectors

Through-hole connectors are a needed element of every PCB board. Drill, rivet and solder any variety of connectors to a Squink-printed Board.

Download our technical guide for our PCB Rivet Toolpress to learn more